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4 books we wish were made into Movies
2020-04-24 06:22:45

4 books we wish were made into Movies


The Wife Between Us

With plot twists from beginning to end, this book is about as close to "Girl on the Train" as you can get. After finishing reading this in 48 hours, all I could think about is how exciting it would be to watch the characters unfold on the big screen. (Spoiler: Whatever you think is going to happen is probably wrong.)



American Royals

An Everygirl office obsession, "American Royals" is about our ultimate fantasy: if the U.S. had a royal family. If you're royally-obsessed, you'll love this story about American princesses Beatrice and Samantha. (The description refers to it as "Crazy Rich Asians" meets "The Crown" — need I say more?)




The Institute

Stephen King can do absolutely no wrong in our books, and his newest novel didn't disappoint us. In the middle of the night, Luke's parents get murdered, and Luke wakes up at The Institute in a room that looks exactly like his, sans windows. The rest of the novel is about the Institution and what happens there, and you won't want to miss it.




The Queen of Hearts

Zadie and Emma have been friends since their early 20s, but years later, a former colleague shows up and reveals a secret one of them has been trying to hide. It's full of humor, love, and raw emotion.



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