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Steps To A Financially Happy Marriage
2020-03-09 08:05:11

Steps To A Financially Happy Marriage

When couples stand before their family and friends pronouncing their vows for “richer or poorer” most don’t realize the weight of the statement. Then, they come home from their honeymoon to a pile of wedding bills, student loans, and car payments totaling more than they make in three years combined. They feel overwhelmed and defeated. The money fights begin. Then, couples muddle through the mess. They do the best they can paycheck by paycheck, then after a few years, they buy a house and go deeper into debt. Then they add kids. More money owed. More fights. They go deeper and deeper until their marriage can’t take it anymore.


Dream Together

Dream together. It is so fun to talk about your dreams and goals in life. Sit down together over a glass of wine or go on a nice sunset walk. Talk about your dreams. Do you want to move closer to family one day? Maybe start a family in five years? Do you want to build a custom home one day? Do you want to travel abroad?  Talk to each other. Find your dreams and dream BIG, TOGETHER!


Set Goals

Then, set goals to reach your dreams. Dreams should be fun and accomplishing them together is so sweet. However, for this to really work, I feel like you have to honestly evaluate your relationship TOGETHER and communicate clearly. You both need to be on the same page and work at this thing as a partnership. There is something special about working together as a team toward a common goal. Make sure you set specific goals with action steps and a timeline.


Set a Budget TOGETHER

After you have established your goals. Set a path to reach your goals through your budget. Don’t let this be a DIRTY six-letter word. A budget does NOT have to mean sacrificing all of your wants or a fight. A budget is simply setting out your income and expenses together. You might find out you spend a lot on eating out and decide to only go once a week together. Or, you might find out you are spending too much on shopping and want to limit yourself to a certain amount to meet your goals. The important part is getting it all on paper TOGETHER. This won’t work alone. Remember the end goal is to reach your goal together, a budget is simply a tool to help you get there.


If you keep your perspective in line, everything else will fall into place. When you approach your finances with a bad attitude of selfishness or greed, you will get nowhere pretty quick. However, if you approach your finances with a giving and Christ-like attitude your perspective on money will change. If we are not careful, finances can be very stressful and put huge strains on our marriage. I do not claim to have it completely figured out, and I know that every marriage is different, but I believe if you focus on these principles, you will keep your focus on what really matters.


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