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The Benefit of Un-Burying Emotions
2020-03-09 07:24:14

The Benefit of Un-Burying Emotions

Emotions, feelings, and intuition are little compasses leading you to a fulfilling life, and to your truest version of you, where all the happiness and true desires lie. So, if you bury an emotion, a feeling or a “ping” of intuition that needed to be acknowledged, you condition yourself for a particular norm, like all things in life. The problem is, we are gifted with emotions, feelings, and intuition for a very important reason and purpose, and you ignoring them is like a slap in the face to the Universe. The Universe is simply a Xerox, and it’s going to send you copy after copy of what it best interprets that you want.

When you cling to something or don’t allow for it to flow through you, you literally cause a blockage of energy. Or when you think about or act upon something long enough you create a dense amount of energetic activity in one “spot.” Or when you consistently stress, you collect energy in parts of your body, and the immune system gets weaker, or diseases eventually show up, creating a psychosomatic response. When enough energy is put into any space, it either needs to be released or it will be made manifest as particles that are influenced by a frequency which start moving really fast as they begin to change into the denser matter and eventually . . . the matter we can see.


We sometimes think that “burying our emotions” is a good thing. When some kind of emotion comes up—grief, anger, frustration or sadness—we just push it to the side thinking, “I’ll deal with this later.” We bury them somewhere in our subconscious mind. Instead of embracing these emotions, we tend to negate them. Your subconscious mind, however, tends to allow things to resurface over time, but if something has been buried for long enough, it’s going to come up in a weird way that at times will be difficult to even trace back.

When you live consciously, you remove the need for you to have out-of-control experiences in life, and it allows for you to be in a state of calmness and love within yourself, thus projecting outwardly into your world and bringing you even more of it. Learning how to embrace our emotions is a prerequisite in attaining authenticity. By being conscious of our emotions, we prevent negativity from settling inside of us. By acknowledging them, we give ourselves the power to transmute it. By holding the emotions by their horns, we take control of them instead of them taking control of us.


So take a look, here are some of the manifestations of buried emotions:


+ Waking up in a bad mood for no apparent reason.

+ Sudden outburst to our spouse or people we live with

+ Recurring feelings of self-hate and frustration

+ Feelings of deep sadness

+ When you say, “I’m okay. I’m fine,” even if you’re not feeling good about something.

+ When you can’t say what you truly feel to a person for fear of being rejected, ridiculed, or judged

+ When you take refuge in over self-indulgence (eating, drinking, drugs) during emotional lows

+ When you snap at people for the pettiest of reasons

+When you give too many excuses for the people who hurt you that you become a victim


I promise you, it’s impossible to bury emotions. They can’t be destroyed by negation. When you think you are burying the negative emotions, you are actually planting a seed—a seed that is then watered with negligence—and it eventually resurfaces in an ugly and unpredictable way. It must instead be processed and transmuted.

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