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A dog family vs a family that loves dogs
2019-10-18 06:43:18

A dog family vs a family that loves dogs

By Dov Kaufman


As the saying goes, a dog is a man's best friends. I've had my dog for the past four years, arguably the best four years of my life thanks to him. He is always there to cheer me up and make me feel better on a lousy day. Last week, at a ripe old age of four, Helios, my Australian Labradoodle, was struck by a Mutatu and killed. Seeing my family so distraught, devastated and emotional reminded me what it really means to be a dog family.


Contradictory to beliefs, a dog family and a family that loves dogs can be two entirely different things. The example I gave above depicts one of many aspects of a dog family. A dog has an immense impact on a dog family, not only does he become their pet, but also their best friends. As a member of a dog family, being home alone is nonexistent; there is always a companion at your side. Struggling emotionally to leave on a week long vacation where you’re unable to take your dog, that's a dog family. When the highlight of your day is getting back from work to be greeted by your puppy , that's a dog family. Accidentally calling every dog you meet by your dog's name, that's a dog family. Letting your dog sleep in bed with you, ride in the front seat with you, and even let him lick your face until it's dripping with saliva, that's a dog family. To a dog family, their dog is just another family member.


Whilst a dog family and a family that loves dogs may look similar on paper, it is extremely different in the real world. This point was particularly drawn to my intention when a friend notified me he was giving away his dogs at the end of the year as he was leaving. Horrified, I made a mental note and immediately started pondering the other attributes of a family or person that loves dogs. A dog lover, despite loving dogs, is simply uninterested in taking a real step towards getting to know their dog. They take their dog on a walk because they have to. They give their puppy attention because the puppy wants it whilst a dog person gives the puppy attention because they as a person want their dog to feel loved. A dog lover sees other dogs in the park and ooo's and aww's at their cuteness whilst a dog person only has their eyes on their own adorable pet. If a dog was a country, dog lovers would be patriotic whilst dog people would be nationalists. Hell, I even stopped talking to someone once when they said their dog was cuter than mine, which was a completely ill advised and imprudent comment.


Although a dog lover might prefer the canine's to other animals, don’t mistake them as loyal and loving owners. Don’t expect them to be all googly-eyes or exited when you complement their pet and don't expect them to complement their own dogs themselves either. Don’t expect then to always have a treat in their pocket like a dog person would have. Finally, when a dog family loses their dog, like I have experienced, expect them to change. Expect them to not have the joy and energy they once had. Don't expect them to smile, understand that to them, a loved family member had just died. However, there is one thing you can expect; seeing them at the pet store in pursuit of a new dog to fill the voids, whether it be emotional, mental or physical left from the previous, because, a dog family simply can't function without a dog in their lives.


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