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The best travel apps to download
2019-10-18 06:39:35

The best travel apps to download

When we have to organize a trip, there are thousands of apps and as many websites to help us make our trip a flawless experience. So far so good, right? Problems have a habit of showing up when we are at our destination, when we don’t have a computer, or maybe we can’t find Wi-Fi. The solution to these little nuisances is right in your hands, and that is your smatphone! Yes, thanks to technology improving so fast every year, by now there are plenty of apps to make your trip unforgettable, and most of all, that will solve your problems. We picked some peculiar ones that you may not know: all you’ll have to do is tap on “download”, we will help you with the rest.

1 PackPoint
So, what is the most time-consuming, annoying thing you need to do before you even leave? Packing, that’s right. This app magically packs for you: you write a list, tell the app how many nights you will be gone, and where, and this app will tell you what to pack based on the length of your trip, weather conditions and plans. it’s magic!

2 Flight Stats
So, for the anxious ones among us, here is the app that has the lowdown on pretty much any airport in the world. It will also tell you what terminal and what gate you should go to, and inform you of any changes in your itinerary.

3 WiFi Finder
The thing you may miss the most when you are away might not be friends and family… It might be WiFi! This app helps you connect to the closest available network nearby, helping you save data and save money on roaming fees — which, as we know, can be very high. The app connects to open networks right when it finds them, and you will be ready to surf the web as much as you want.

4 Bravolol
Tear down the language barrier with this app. You’re in Japan and you don’t know how to tell the taxi driver he needs to turn right? Or in Greece, trying to impress a guy, but all you can say in Greek is “Kalispera”? Get Bravolol and it will suddenly all be very easy. The killer feature is, it also works offline!

5 Fotor
A smartphone that takes amazing pictures is pretty essential, I would say, especially if you don’t own an actual camera. Fotor is similar to Photoshop, letting you take care of editing and effects and making collages… For free, too. If you want more “likes” in your life, this is the way to go.

6 Sit or Squat
Ok guys: let us all bow to the genius who invented this app. What is it about then? Well, it’s about toilets! This app looks for the closest public toilet, to finally put an end to sneaking into cafes for that. How many times did you suddenly panic during sightseeing because of this? Well, worry not — this app has you covered, with its list of over 65.000 public bathrooms worldwide!

7 Settle Up 
You’re traveling with friends, and settling the bill is a mess every single time, with everyone paying separately. The problem is, not all restaurants allow you to have separate bills for one table, and this is when this app will be useful. Everyone will just pay what they owe, and it won’t be a headache to calculate who owes how much: all you have to do is create a bill, add participants and at the end you will have a precise amount for each of you. It’s convenient and very useful and it’s available for both Android and iOS. It also works offline.

8 Tinder
While some might stay old school and prefer making new friends in a pub, some of us might want to go for the 2.0 approach — and that is actually many of us, especially millennials. Tinder, as ,any of you might know, will alert you if there are people nearby who have similar interests to you… And if you get very, very lucky, you might even find love somewhere far, far away! 



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