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Best fall destinations to visit in Europe
2019-10-18 06:37:05

Best fall destinations to visit in Europe

With many fall destinations to choose from, Europe seems to have some of the best places to visit in the fall. The weather gets cooler there sooner, the leaves change colors in the most magical ways, and the cafes are that much more cozier.

Incredible flight deals have been popping up and with a quick hop over the continent you can be in Europe in no time.

Check out the best fall destinations to visit in Europe.

Bruges, Belgium

For those looking to be swept away into a charming town, this is your first stop. The winding canals and endless cuisine, makes this town much more than a small town and a perfect fall destination in Europe.



Vienna, Austria

One of those places I wish I could go back to as I didn’t do it right, but I remember walking through the streets in late fall last year. The shops were starting to decorate, and there was a hustle and bustle like I’ve never seen before. The hot chocolate tasted that much better!


Prague, Czech Republic

This was always remain one of my favorite places to fall, as the crisp leaves and changing colors were idyllic with the rooftops of Prague. There are incredible apartments to renttons to do in the city, and a day trip to Cesky Krumlov is a must.


Nuremberg, Germany

Is there anything that can’t warm you up like a good sausage and beer? Nuremberg’s colors were incredible, and the cobblestone streets made it that much more adorable. It’s indeed one of Europe’s best kept secrets for a fall destination.


Budapest, Hungary

It seems that Eastern Europe embraces all that is fall and Budapest is no exception. Come here to warm up in the thermal baths, enjoy warm cuisine, and take in the sights.

Lisbon, Portugal

For those looking for a more mild fall destination, yet still want an active destination, Lisbon is your spot. For the first-timer, the city can give you a week’s worth of adventures, making it a great spot for a longer stay.


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