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Man Crush Monday: James Jagger
2019-07-25 08:19:57

Man Crush Monday: James Jagger


Take a break for a second, start your Spotify app and look for Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger: if not now, when else could you listen to this? We can’t think of a better time for that, because our Man of the Week is the son Mick had from Jerry Hall, along with siblings Gabriel, Elizabeth and Georgia May, whom you might already know. Born in 1985 in New York City, James Jagger grew up with two strong passions: music, and acting. If the former stayed a hobby, the second turned into a true career! Robert Pattinson was one of his school mates, after all…

So, where could you have seen him before? In Vynil, the Martin Scorsese-produced TV show in which he played Kip Stevens. This year, he will be in theaters with 7×7 and on set for a top-secret movie project with Samuel L. Jackson… You will be able to see him in a very peculiar role very soon, as he will be the main character, with Matilda Lutz, of a 3-episode mini-series called Together Stronger, featuring the love story between Paul and Laura, modern lovers bound by passion… And by the fragrances they wear. These are actually, in fact, Emporio Armani’s new fragrances, Stronger With You, (for him) and Because It’s You (for her)! The series is definitely not to be missed, but while we wait, let us tell you a little more about our Man Crush.

As well as an emerging actor, James Jagger is also an activist, and he is very passionate for the cause he supports: Project 0 is a worldwide organization that promotes ocean conservation, clean oceans and the protection of coral reefs. James recently declared that his greatest wish would be to see the oceans be clean once again, as they used to be before the Industrial Revolution. He will have to work hard for that, but it’s definitely a dream we want to be a part of!

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