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Kenya has 33 Wildlife Service Parks and Reserves. Five of these are designated Marine National Parks or Reserves - Mombasa, Watamu, Kisite, Kiunga, and Malindi. These are the main areas for scuba diving, and many dive operators are based in each of these areas. Kilifi and Kiwayu are also popular diving areas.



Overview of Scuba Diving in Kenya

The coral reefs are in spectacular condition with thriving eco-systems and a huge diversity of fish and marine creatures. Visiting divers should expect to see larger species of marine life, such as whale sharks (in season), manta rays, green sea turtles, dolphins, and reef sharks. Grouper, barracuda, and morays are common; macro life such as seahorses, leaf scorpion fish, and rare crustaceans make great photography subjects.

To complement the fascinating reefs, there are some super wreck and cave dives too. Don't miss diving the purpose-sunk MV Dania (Mombasa diving park); sitting upright between 12-32 meters, it is swarming with life. The Vuma Caverns are a must-do advanced dive, exploring the shallow caves, where divers have the chance to see large fish such as sharks, turtles, and groupers.

Scuba diving is a year-round activity in Kenya, and visibility reaches up to 30 meters; be aware that during July-August the visibility may be reduced, due to windy sea conditions. Generally, October-February is considered to be the best time to visit for diving.


Dive Sites, Marine Life & Environment

The Indian Ocean is teeming with healthy corals, large pelagics, and reef fish galore. The vibrant underwater world, protected by the five designated Marine National Parks, will please divers of all experience levels. Mombasa, Watamu, Kisite, Kiunga, and Malindi offer a wide variation of stunning reef diving.

A top-rated dive site to visit is the MV Dania.

There is a selection of other wreck sites along the coast; the MFV Funguo, the Globe Star, Mida Wreck, and the Lighter, which sit at various depths from 8 meters to 30 meters. Kilifi Creek is also home to two wrecks - a freighter and a ferry.

The Vuma Caverns or Caves are one of the best places in Kenya to see whale sharks during the season. Not to mention the dolphins too! Descending beneath towering cliffs, to a depth of 20 meters, divers swim along a portion of reef before entering the cave system. Look into the blue for barracudas and rays.

Scuba divers with advanced experience are allowed to explore inside the stunning caverns. Large groupers and snapper lurk in the dark recesses of the caves and tunnels, and the discovery of smaller creatures such as nudibranchs and cowries is always a delight. A chimney formation leads divers back up to the top of the reef at 10 meters. The caves are situated near Kilifi Creek, outside from Watamu.

The Pinnacles is a great advanced deep dive, located north of the Mombasa Marine Reserve. Large fish are frequent visitors at this site; take your pick of manta rays, spotted eagle rays, sharks, napoleon wrasse, giant groupers, and barracudas. Flatworms and nudibranchs satisfy the critter lovers too.

Novice divers, underwater photographers, and experienced divers will enjoy drift diving along the myriad of coral reef systems..

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