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The connected everything: Your ultimate smart home of the future
2019-07-08 05:29:58

The connected everything: Your ultimate smart home of the future

How the connected self is going to change your home forever


The internet of things revolution is already being televised. Our houses are already becoming smart homes – but there's so much more to come. Forget the current crop of smart thermostats and smart security systems – the real smart home of the future is a learning ecosystem, that's aware of your habits and movements, using information from your wearables and scores of connected sensors to transform your life forever.

So let us take you on a guided tour of Wareable's house and discover the devices set for your home of the future.



The bedroom

Where one normally starts one's day, provided the previous evening was nothing too heavy, the bedroom has been quite the focus for wearable research. Every device under the sun wants to tell you how well you're sleeping but these are the three with the ideas of your comfort in the right place.

Sleep Number SleepIQ

Most wearable sleep trackers aren't that good. Of a questionable bunch, the best is Beddit but even that one could get foxed if you share a bed with your partner. Instead, the Sleep Number beds come with monitoring technology integrated. They'll tell you how long you were down, how much you moved, the depth of your slumber, your heart rate and breathing patterns. On top of that, you can also find out which mattress settings on this connected cot best suit your body type and needs.

Hush ear plugs

It's one thing to measure the details of your sleep environment but that's as far as most sleep trackers go. Fortunately, the Hush smart ear plugs are in development and they're here to block out your noisy neighbours and your snoring partner. Connected to your mobile, they keep aural pollution at bay while also transmitting the alarms and notifications from your phone so that you don't miss your early flight. There's gentle sounds to help you sleep, should you wish, what we'd love to see in the future is some active sound cancellation.



 The bathroom

Showers that recognise your body mass and automatically switch to your favourite temperatures at key points in your morning scrub would be lovely idea. Sadly, no one's working on such connected self frivolities at the moment. There are some very decent bathroom wearables already on the market, though. Why haven't you bought yours yet?



Oral B SmartSeries

It may seem like connected overkill but treat the Oral B smart toothbrush as a learning tool and it makes more sense. It's a Bluetooth-enabled gadget that gives you feedback through a mobile app on whether you're scrubbing your tusks properly. If you're pressing too hard, not covering all your crowns or you need to work on a certain area as recommended by your dentist, then this mouth cleanser will let you know.

Stool-analysing toilet

You can tell a lot from a person's poo which is why you'll have to go through the embarrassment of supplying a sample to your doctor every now and then. Lucky them. But how about if your toilet itself could warn you of any issues in your urine or faeces. Bacterial and parasitic infections, red and white blood cell loss, and knowledge of your body's ability to process food stuffs are all important measures of everything from dietary balance to terminal illnesses. In the smart home of the future, your toilet will be able to suggest you get down the surgery before you know you need to - and book you the appointment too.

Kid's room


Digital parenting is the future of child rearing. Keeping tabs on little ones is more than a full time occupation, but should you hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet, or feel the urge too, there are plenty of smart devices that'll come in handy.


Baby monitors are great at letting you know when your baby's making a noise but not so good when they're quiet and still. MonBaby is a button that attaches to the little one's vest and transmits details of breathing rate and sleep position so that you don't have to creep in a wake them up to check that they're still doing fine.

Teddy The Guardian

This is the first ever smart teddy and it's designed to gently pick up biometrics from your children when they're under the weather. You'll have difficulty sticking thermometers where the sun doesn't shine, getting heart rate and oxygen level details from an upset child. A little teddy love, though, and TGT will report back those very details as well as provide some soothing companionship through the night.


Already one of the nerve centres of domestic technology, there's so much more to come of the kitchen of tomorrow. Here's what you'll need along side your Sodastream and Magimix.


ChefBot Kitchen Scale

The big frustrations with diet tracking apps are trying to work out how much food you've consumed and having to log it manually. This crowdfunding hopeful is an excellent indicator of how the kitchen of the future will make it all easier. It measures the calories of the ingredients you put in the scales and records it all on the app provided. There's a lot of work to be done with getting other platforms and recipes on board but it's all there for the future.


While ChefBot measures your food, MAID is the smart microwave oven that tells you what to eat in the first place. As well as providing recipe and preparation help, it links in with your fitness devices and apps to keep your dietary intake nice and balanced depending upon your activity and body needs.

Living room

Panasonic Life+ Screen TV

Panasonic's 2014 TV range have added face recognition through their embedded cameras. Once they know who you are, these tellies use the Life+ Screen software inside to bring up all the content and settings that it knows you like. Once it can integrate your mood according to a wristband's reading of your biometrics then it'll be able to switch on Corrie or Champions League automatically according to your needs.


Oculus Rift

It's big, it's here and at the moment it makes people pull funny faces and/or throw up. It might be early days for the Oculus Rift but no smart home of the future will be without one. Whether for creating a virtual chatroom where you can meet your friends, putting you into the front row at a concert or gaming itself, this is the VR wearable that begins it all.

Virtuix Omni

We're not convinced that you're going to want to be sprinting around some first person shooter game world in this 360 treadmill but it will provide a much needed way of exploring virtual space without the danger of walking into your walls. If your body and your eyes believe it, then your mind will most certainly follow.

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