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5 books you will be obsessed with (#2)
2019-07-02 06:32:16

5 books you will be obsessed with   (#2)

 The Nix by Nathan Hill 



Want a book that takes you on an epic journey and warms your heart as well as your mind? Nathan Hill has written a book about a huge range of topics from child abandonment to gaming addiction. He is a seriously talented writer, that packs so much knowledge into such a joyful plot. This book is about Samuel, who despite being an adult, is still stuck in a childish hole. That’s all stopped when his mother (who abandoned him when he was 11) commits an infamous crime, and Samuel is tasked with writing her life story.




A Little Life 



If you want to read something that might break your heart – try this. It follows four college friends and their successes in life. At first, it seems like a novel about friendship, but then you’re introduced to Jude. And he completely takes over. Jude is not like the others. He suffered abuse by every adult who ever looked after him, and he carries the scars of that around with him. The good news is, Jude’s tragedy creates a bond between his friends that will never break.



Sleeping Beauties



It’s October which means it’s time to let Stephen King work his horrifying magic. With IT in cinemas now and Gerald’s Game is on Netflix, there’s no better time to pick up Sleeping Beauties. Written in collaboration with his son Owen, this book is a twisted take on the Sleeping Beauty legend. When women fall asleep, a cocoon surrounds them. If they’re disturbed they become horrifyingly violent. All but one, Evie, are affected by this Sleeping disease. If you’ve been hooked on The Handmaid’s Tale recently, you are going to adore this. It asks the simple question – what would happen in a world without women?



The sun and her flowers



Rupi Kaur’s poetry is definitely something to curl up with on the weekend. Her bestselling book Milk & Honey has been followed up by this stunning collection of poems, about love, loss, and life. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by Rupi herself. If you need to get through those dark nights and frosty mornings, this book will bring in the sun (and all her flowers).


The Women In The Castle 



Three men conspire to kill Hitler. Killed for their betrayal, they leave behind three wives. Three wives who are each going through their own trauma. Marianne made a promise to her husband that she would take care of the other wives, and so she does. She finds them, rescues them and takes them to a castle. But once they’re all reunited, moving past what has happened isn’t as easy as it seemed.


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