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Heartbroken? Here are 5 trips that will heal your heartbreak
2019-06-24 06:48:15

 Heartbroken? Here are 5 trips that will heal your heartbreak


Dear heartbroken friends, forget Valentine, forget your friends’ cheesy photos on social networks, now it is time to take care of yourself. After a breakup, the first thing we usually do is to cry on the shoulder of a friend, or someone we trust, listening to their words of wisdom (momentarily) soothing our pain. The only true cure, though, is time, and time for yourself is even more helpful. Secondly, get packing, because sometimes, a trip is the best gift you can give to yourself. It definitely won’t get rid of the pain, but it will help you find the positive energy that may have gotten lost on the way. Of course, people experience the end of a romance very differently: some of us want to get distracted and have fun the whole day, others take travelling as a time to reflect upon what happened, enjoy silence and think about the next step. Either way, we have good ideas, so we will tell you where to go, and why!

Spend time with yourself
Abandoning your routine is the best thing to do. Your friends keep calling to check on you, your mum is worried that you’re not eating enough, your granny is desperate at the idea you will never, ever get married. So, really, just get rid of your phone and go to one of the most remote place you can find.

Have fun, dance, make new friends and kiss those bad vibes goodbye!
We all know it is not worth crying over spilled milk. Just go on a trip, have fun and be merry, that is what you need now!

Start overwriting memories, and find yourself
An essential step to get over heartbreak is to go make new experiences and create new memories that can take over the bad ones — or even more important, the good ones that are connected to a relationship that is no more. You need introspection for this, and maybe a bit of physical exertion, too.

Why not trying a Trekking journey ? The Camino de Santiago could be the right choice for you: an 800-km path to walk along in about a month, going from Saint-Jean-Pied- de-Port, France, through Spain, all the way to Santiago, Portugal, where the famous sanctuary will be awaiting you. Of course, this trip is best taken between Spring and early Fall. Get ready to admire magical landscapes.


Camino Santiago de Compostela

Drop your suffering in a museum, and open up to a stranger
If a trip is also therapy, on top of being great, well, then… Bingo, right? This time we are talking about Zagreb, Croatia’s charming capital, that also happens to host the Museum of Broken Relationships, in a beautiful 18th century palazzo in the heart of the city. The museum is a collection of objects that owners don’t want to have anymore for one reason or another, but that they also don’t want to throw into the garbage. The museum is divided into 3 sections: the third, interactive one is the Confession Room, where visitors can share their experience about their love story that is now finished. Sometimes, opening up to a complete stranger can be extraordinary relief! After visiting the museum, don’t miss the beauty Zagreb can offer you. So, all you have to do now is pack a bag with clothes and shoes that belonged to your partner, and get ready to say, BOY BYE!


This is the final, and most difficult stage, in which we just leave sadness and disappointment behind, and get on with our lives. Collective consciousness sees rebirth as the beginning of a new day, with the sun soaring up over the horizon. So, why not have a trip to the continent that greets the sun before anyone else? We are talking about the Pacific region, to be specific, about New Zealand, to be more precise, and its amazing, world-famous beaches. You can be sure that seeing the dawn of a new day here will be a great way to find motivation and become stronger and stronger. The whole country is punctuated by multiple natural attractions, picturesque cities that will welcome you on your way away from suffering, and incredible rainforests that will be the perfect shelter for you to sit back, and stop thinking.


Go on: only lack of courage and distance can stop you from starting your new life!


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