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The benefits of drinking more water
2019-06-10 10:26:32

The benefits of drinking more water

I get so busy during the day that I simply forget to drink. My skin is often dry, and I tend to have minor but frequent breakouts and regular muscle cramps and joint pain. Although I blame these things on age, I know enough about nutrition to know that all these symptoms can also be attributed to dehydration. The benefits of good hydration include enhanced mental clarity, slowing the aging process, improved digestion, relieving back and joint pain, elimination of toxins, and weight loss.


The average person needs 2 L of water a day (but if you exercise regularly or live in a warmer climate like Kenya, you may need more). So I decided to challenge myself by drinking  at least 2L every day for 10 days and before starting, I set two rules to help me succeed: -Start every morning with no less than 75 cl of water ..tea and coffee do not count - Carry a water bottle at all times so I have no excuses.

Here’s what happened:


Day 1:

Day one was tougher than expected. I actually was so full after lunch that I found it extremely difficult to keep up with my water consumption. I am quickly realizing that to drink 2L of water, I need to substitute my lunchtime iced tea with water as it’s the perfect time to drink an additional 35 to 70 cl of water.




Day 2:

I feel good about making my goal yesterday. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but I did it! My issue isn’t so much with being able to drink 2L but more about feeling extremely full all day. I am eating the same amount of food (purely out of habit), but I’m noticing that I’m rarely hungry anymore. This could be good for the waistline!


Day 3:

I can’t eat the same quantity of food that I previously was eating. Not only do I fill up quicker, but I am also no longer ravenous before each meal. I have, however, become somewhat bored with drinking plain water. To keep motivated and keep my water intake high, I have been experimenting with infusing my water. My favorite recipe so far is a simple lemon, lime, and mint-infused water.


Day 5:

A few unexpected changes have taken place. First, I’m sleeping through the night. I’m usually so thirsty during the night that I wake up at least once or twice to take a sip of water off my nightstand. My mouth no longer feels like cardboard when I wake up, and I feel more refreshed—most likely from sleeping straight through the night.


Day 6:

Experimenting with different water flavors is really helping. Getting all 2L of water down is no longer as big a challenge as it was earlier in the week. I woke up this morning and also noticed that my skin is clearer, I look more refreshed, and my skin is even dewy.


Day 7:

I didn’t weigh myself before I increased my water consumption, but I think I’ve lost a few pounds. My clothes fit better, and my stomach seems much less bloated.


Day 9:

My afternoon headaches are gone! I don’t think I realized just how much being dehydrated was affecting me.


Day 10:

I’m feeling so good that I never want to go back to my dehydrated ways! Not only does my skin look better and my waistline feel slimmer, but I know that staying hydrated is also good for my overall health.

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