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2019-06-10 09:18:40


 Superfoods, the food allies you should count on in your beauty routine…. because they are so good for your health.


They became really big over the past few years, and it really seems impossible to do without them by now. They are famous because of their many healthy components, which make them number one allies for your health and for your system. It’s not really about any foods with specific scientific characteristics here, they are rather called superfoods because they contain more minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins than the average, so much so that they are an inestimable source of energy for all of us.

There are tons of superfoods, most of them are plant-based, and each one of them takes care of one part of our body specifically. Beetroot, for instance, has natural anti-cancer properties, Greek-style yoghurt helps digestion and weight loss, curcuma is antibacterial, green tea works wonders for your circulation and your heart, blueberries prevent eye conditions, such as losing your sense of sight or glaucoma, olive oil is good for your bones, while sweet potatoes take care of your blood pressure. These superfoods are true allies in our search for long, healthy lives.

And that is not all, because superfoods also make great ingredients you can add to your beauty routine. How, you ask? Well, by eating them, of course! People often think that beauty is all about using expensive, elaborate creams or products, but the truth is, a lot of your beauty depends on your diet and your lifestyle: some foods can make our body and hair glow from the inside.

Blueberriesspinachsalmoneggscocoa and kiwi, with their very high nutritional value, make our hair soft, rich, healthy, and shiny. And let’s not even mention avocadoblack teatomatoesalmond milk and berries, that prevent lines and other flaws, making your skin glow, hydrating it and giving it extra elasticity on the way. Honestly, a lot of these foods are delicious, and there will be no nutritionist or diet specialist stopping us from having as much of them as we like, this time.

Are you ready to stuff yourselves with health and beauty?

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