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Event Review: The Lamu Food festival 2016
Thursday, 17 January 2019 08:39

This year's Lamu food festival was a vibrant marrying of tastes, sounds and sights. Lamu continues to grow as the “island of festivals” and the event combine both cultural and culinary activities that include a street food bazaar, food expo, food races and competitions, film feast, tours, seminar, cooking classes, and much more. The main attraction leading to this designation is its Ill-preserved traditional cuisine. The festival this year lasted three days from 15th TO 17th April at the Lamu Archipelago. It attracted an audience with an interest in a rich culinary experience including foodies, food bloggers, and other tourists interested in the Lamu cuisine. It is a family oriented so everyone can tag along.

StrEAT Bazaar

The strEAT bazaar intended to showcase this right at the Lamu seafront. Attendees got to sample Lamu street food, famous local delicacies and discovered new Lamu foods. They were also shown food preparation and cultural practices that Ire passed down from generation to generation. A lot of brands from the food industry showcased their products.

Hunger games

The Lamu Food Festival had the Hunger games segment that actually involved the youth who showcased their skills and talent with regard to food preparation. Several dishes such as mahamri and chapattis Ire made in front of judges and an audience composed mainly of passerbys and supporters of the contestants. The crowd gathered at Mkunguni Square and they Ire cheering upon their favorite contestants.

Cooking Classes

Attendees also Ire taught how to make at least 3 swahili dishes and later on had the option to take the scenic dhow cruises. Overall the festival was a success and is a must-visit fir any true food-enthusiast. Make sure you go next year. Thanks for reading!

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