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Car Review: Toyota Vitz
Thursday, 17 January 2019 08:40

It's arguably one of the most common cars on our road right now, the Toyota Vitz (or Toyota Echo and Toyota Yaris elsewhere in the world) is a model that is here to stay. I decided to find out exactly why this car is such a hit.

A Very Spacious Car

What surprised me most about the Toyota Vitz, was how spacious the interior was. Although very compact on the outside, the Toyota Vitz seemed to have as much space on the inside as a regular salon car. here is a lot of room, especially in the front. The car also feels open and airy, especially to the driver because the instrument cluster is in the center of the dashboard. It feels awkward at first but you get used to it pretty soon. The digital instrument panel is very exciting to look at, and not at all uncomfortable. The seats are very comfortable, especially in the front, with good lumbar support.

Fuel Consumption

About fuel consumption, you can't really complain. This car has excellent fuel economy for an automatic. It gives an average of 12-13 km/ liter of petrol in city driving, with 40% of them on A/C. With the same driving conditions, it gives about 110 kms on Rs. 250 worth of CNG. Those are above average figures for an auto transmission car.

Resale Value

Resale value as everybody should know by now, is not that great for imported vehicles. This car has flooded the market already and that has led to really low prices lately. However the new value is likely to be retained as imports will be facing some sort of restriction pretty soon.

Overall performance

The car is fun to drive and quite comfortable. The steering feel and feedback is much better than other Toyotas. So are the brakes, especially with the ABS function.

In conclusion…

The Vitz is a great car to own in this small hatchback category. You just need to be careful when you are getting one. There is a huge choice of cars and with a little care, you can pick out the one you need. It will give you a comfortable city ride, good mileage, and lots of driving satisfaction. It is a car to buy, enjoy and keep. Great value for your money! Thanks for reading!

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