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How to get an exercise routine that works for you
Thursday, 17 January 2019 08:37

You hear it every day on TV, in every magazine and on every fitness website: “The Perfect Workout Plan!” It can be confusing, and it can be intimidating. Don’t you worry though, as I’ve come across a solution to determine the PERFECT workout plan that will get you the results you want and allow you to have success. For starters, your first step is to determine what your primary goals are, and what the most important thing is to you:

  • Do you want to run faster or improve your 5k time?
  • Do you just want to lose weight and get stronger?
  • Is your goal primarily to look good?

I know some of you want to do all the above but here’s the truth: your body can only do so many things at once, and the three goals above will pull your body in three completely separate directions. If you try to do all three at once, you’ll most likely never make true progress in any direction and get discouraged. Instead, pick one main focus for the next few months and build your training around that. Make that goal your primary focus, and then be satisfied with minimal/incremental gains in other areas as a side effect. So #1 is Find a routine that lines up with your goals. From here, you have to pick the right plan for your goal. Do enough research to make you feel comfortable about starting that plan for your goals. Watch youtube tutorials, read up on basic workouts, and try to find somebody in your situation that has succeeded with that plan before (if possible). And then start. Like, now. Today. Pick a plan, and try it out for 30-60 days. Follow it to a T. Do exactly what they recommend, and then re-evaluate. Here’s the truth: ANY halfway decent plan will produce results, as long as you are consistent. How will you know if it’s working? Remember: “That which gets measured, gets improved.” You need to become your own guinea pig. Every two weeks, take more measurements or new photos and track your progress. Take notes on your workouts. Ask yourself: Am I feeling better? Am I looking better? Am I happy? If so, GREAT. KEEP DOING IT! If not, identify why you’re not seeing results:

  • Are you actually following the plan? Or are you cheating?
  • Are there small adjustments you can make to improve your process?
  • Are you trying to do too much? Are you trying to accomplish 30 goals at the same time instead of focusing on dominating just one or two?

If after 6-8 weeks you don’t see ANY results in any way (weight loss, strength increase, endurance improvement) – which I would highly doubt – Congrats! Cross it off your list, and move on to another one. Take the lessons you learned from your previous effort (“this worked, that didn’t” or “I could NEVER stick with that”), and make an informed decision moving forward. Just don’t keep trying to succeed in the same way that lead to no success last time, or you’ll continue to get the same lackluster results. As long as you are tracking your progress with more than one metric, you should be able to tell if you are moving in the right direction! Happy exercising! Thanks for reading.

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