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Thursday, 17 January 2019 08:43


Visiting Marrakech is a must. With its bold colors, cool wares, and amazing food, it's a destination every stylish girl should visit. Here's a simple guide for your travels. test test test


Stay at Dar Kawa"Formerly a spiritual retreat, this 17th century riad in Marrakech brings the past and present alive with authentic detail, delicious food, and timeless North African design. In restoring its simple beauty and ancient charms, this small luxury hotel in Marrakech shares in the richly layered culture and flavors of Morocco.


"Eat at Le Jardin"The entire restaurant is head-to-toe green... But beyond the color preference, the food is delightful and the lush garden ambience perfect for a little escape from the medina.


"Shop in the Souks"Savour the smell of spices drifting up your nostrils, follow colour, go where your eye takes you, turn into little alleys, and duck into the tiniest of shops. Make sure you take your camera. If you’re a photographer, this is the place for you. Walk from the olive souk, jam-packed with different kinds of olives, to the potters’ souk, crammed full of brightly-coloured pots, pans, and tagines. There is a surprise at every corner – brightly-coloured glassware, sheesha pipes, fragrant spices, embellished kaftans, handcrafted bags – you name it, they have it.


"Play at Jardin Majorelle"This beautiful historic garden was discovered by Yves Saint Laurent and he restored and redesigned it. Absolutely worth to see."

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