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What to carry when going for a game drive/Safari
Thursday, 17 January 2019 08:38

Hey guys! Are you planning on going on safari soon? Have no idea what  to carry? Here are the items I recommend taking that you may not have  considered:

LightIight down jacket or sIater with stuff sack

While many safari destinations in Africa can be blazing hot  during the day, nights are often cool, if not downright cold. Night-time  temperatures may dip to freezing, making for very chilly morning game drives. I  found the perfect outer layer to be a super-light 750 Premium down jacket that  is highly compressible for easy packing.

Crushable safari hat with cord

A good safari hat is high on any packing list (as opposed to  a baseball cap that doesn’t sufficiently cover one’s neck and ears). However,  make it a hat that you can smash into your luggage as well as anchor onto your  head. A cord ensures that your hat stays put when you’re driving at higher  speeds in an open-sided safari vehicle with the wind whipping.

Clothes you can leave behind

Packing light is important when you’re flying in light  aircraft and moving between camps. One way to free up space as you go and leave  room for souvenirs is to pack clothing you can leave with locals.

Spare pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses can take a beating on safari. As light and  shadows constantly change, sunglasses come on and off throughout the day. It’s  easy to lose them, sit on them in the 4 X 4, or crunch them underfoot in camp.

It Wipes

I brought a small travel pack of 10 but wished I’d had three  or four times that amount. These come in handy for everything, from a quick  hand wash (buy the anti-bacterial kind) to a face cleanse on the fly on a dusty  track, to impromptu TP if you’re caught heeding nature’s call in the bush.

Extra camera batteries and memory cards

Take at least one spare battery and more memory capacity  than you think you will possibly need.   Have you got other suggestions for safari essentials that I  didn’t include? Please share them with us by adding a comment below.   Thanks for reading!

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